First Time Bodybuilders and Competitors

We congratulate you for getting into this sport, you’re going to love it. If this is your first event we know you will have a lot of questions. Below is a checklist of important things that will help you have a great experience.

  • Hire a Trainer/Coach. We have several listed under the Trainer link. Also info is listed on the “How do I train” link.

Your diet, training and posing will all massively improve if you get an experienced trainer involved as soon as possible. And if you think you’ve got your diet and workout plan nailed, pleeeeeease hire a trainer to work with you on posing for at least a couple sessions. Trust us, you don’t look as good as you think in the mirrors. Getting your poses perfected will make a big difference in how the judges score you.

  • What to Wear: We strongly recommend Platinum Design –Bonnie Barber for new suits: 801-462-5455.
  • Spray Tanning Is Not an Option. Well, actually spray tanning is an option but if you choose not to do it, you will regret it. Yes, we know its seems like you should be able to just go to the tanning beds and put your own fake tan on but if you go that route, you will stand out like a sore thumb from everyone who gets a professional spray tan. The professional spray tans are more like brown paint, yes it sounds weird, but it really works on stage!
  • Our official show Tanning company is Tanning By Shawn Johnston . His contact info is: 801-735-8584

Don’t worry about taking a trophy home, everyone who competes in our show will go home with a medal. Enjoy the experience, it will be different than anything else you have ever done and you will never do your first event again so have fun. And remember, now that you are a member of the NGA this is not the last event you can do, there are several NGA events throughout the region from Boise to Las Vegas every year.

  • Sign up by April 30th. Prices go up $25 per class after April 30th. 
  • Get Tickets For Friends and Family

The truth is by the date of this event, you have probably never looked this good…ever…by a mile. You are going to want as many friends and family members coming to watch you as possible. Be sure you either buy them tickets or have them buy tickets online ASAP. This event could sell out and it would be a MAJOR bummer if nobody could come and watch you look amazing onstage.

  • Review Checklist

Be sure to go through the Checklist on this site and complete everything on that list.