This Men’s Physique Class is for all Teens ages 15-19. This is a Non-Profit, Natural Fitness Competition, which means no performance enhancing drugs allowed.  As you see in the picture below of the “Teen Class”, it is not about being huge, its about being fit. (we also have a Teen bodybuilding class for you bigger guys).  We want to get as many Teen’s as possible in this event to promote drug free fitness! We want the Teens to see the Adult competitors and the results of their drug free training, it’s pretty impressive and we think can have a big impact on high school teens!!

We are offering a discount off the regular entry price. So instead of $65 to enter you only pay $35. Plus a discounted lie detector test for $20 for a total entry of $55.

Here’s whats involved:

Friday night May 20th mandatory athlete meeting 7:00pm at Marriott Residence Hotel.

Saturday morning May 21st, 9am. Pre Judging at Hillcrest Jr High School.

Saturday evening May 21st, 5:00p.m. Evening Show.

*”Teen ” class does need a  “lie detector drug test” (regular cost $50) Teen price, $20.

*”Teen” class is not required to have a spray tan, but highly encouraged. You will look out of place and wash out in the stage lights without one.  (regular cost $100)

There is a new class of bodybuilding called Men’s Physique. NO SPEEDO REQUIRED!!

You wear board shorts, walk on stage, put your hand on your hip, walk to the other side, and thats it!! Everyone gets a large medal and top 5 get even larger medals. Check out our website for all details at Or feel free to contact Sandra Hickey, the event promoter, at 801-358-4751.